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We are the leading invisible coatings franchise in Latin America. We help you to build a business based on the distribution of nano coatings.

Benefits of Nano-Coatings

Invisible and Waterproof Protection

At Nano Depot, we have a new generation of nano coatings that provide invisible protection, that is to say, protected surfaces will suffer no changes in appearance or texture. We also protect against stains and the effects of humidity, all of this, thanks to nanotechnology.

These features facilitate major business opportunities, because you can offer nano coatings that preserve the look of the surfaces without turning them into slippery, dangerous surfaces. Start your nanotechnology business, and seize these business opportunities in Mexico and Latin America.

Safety and Power Savings

At Nano Depot, we have products that protect electrical installations, and electric/electronic devices. These nano coatings will provide increased safety to your clients, and they will reduce electric accidents that are mainly caused by humidity. These products provide additional protection against corrosion.

Maintaining electric and electronic circuits in adequate conditions provides power savings. Both benefits make this a highly marketable product line, and they represent interesting business opportunities in Mexico for our distributors.

Coating and Costs Reduction

At Nano Depot, we offer a new generation of nano coatings that, unlike what has been offered in the market for over 50 years, are highly resistant to abrasion and UV rays. Ours are high-performance products, which means that you only need a little product to coat a large area.

Together, all the above helps you to generate an interesting business based on nanotechnology, offering innovative, preventive and corrective solutions, which in the short and the long term will allow your clients to reduce their maintenance costs. Make your mind and seize these innovative business opportunities in Mexico.


Why Choose Us?

Nano Depot is the pioneer in nanotechnology coatings at the Latin American level. This has allowed us, not only to create a strong commercial structure, but also to perfect application techniques and uses for our products. We have acquired all this knowledge over the years, by doing joint research with the best nanotechnology coatings lab, which gives us a major advantage over the competition.

Quality of Life

At Nano Depot, we are interested in improving the quality of life of our clients. As a distributor of Nano Depot, you will offer, in addition to the products, solutions that will provide important benefits to your clients in five areas: physical, material, social, and emotional well-being, in addition to open the doors of development for them.

Profitable Business Models

Our nanotechnology-based business models are highly profitable. We make sure that our distributors have a profit margin between 25% and 60%. Also, Nano Depot products offer business opportunities where you, as the distributor, may profit from the application of the product, which represents major business opportunities, such as an exponential increase in the profit margin.

Protection Solutions

Our products offer protection for different kinds of surfaces, with benefits such as extending the useful life of surfaces, providing increased security, reducing costs, reducing the use of chemicals to clean, and many others. As a Nano Depot distributor, you will supply these innovative solutions with little competition in the market.


We offer innovative, eco-friendly products. The active ingredient in most of our products is Silicon Dioxide, in a water or alcohol-based solution, so we are free from toxic ingredients. We reduce the need to use cleaning chemicals and water to clean and maintain the surfaces we protect. Our products do not react chemically, which makes them safe.


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